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Lower Body Mobilisations for Get Ups

This September we've started a new 12 week block of Pilates sessions after the summer break. In all BLP classes we're finding as many ways as possible to get up and down off the floor, and we'll be building on our get ups as the weeks go by. The key to never losing this vital life skill is maintaining (and hopefully constantly improving) hip, knee and ankle mobility.

Here you'll find a short video and a break down with rep recommendations of some of the key mobilisation movements we've covered in the first couple of sessions in this block.

We'll be doing more of this over the coming weeks and I'm certain you're going to see improvements in balance, co-ordination, mobility and flexibility. Plus you're going to have so many new ways to get up and down off the floor!

1. Hip Extension (using the wall for 'help')

There are three positions for this, so work your way through each level, squeezing glutes as you go. Inhale for 5, exhale for 5, 5 times, then switch legs.

Hip extension, suitable for most knees if you put some padding underneath them.

Try this hip extension next.

Extend your hip even further!

2. Deep Squats & Hold

I've suggested 20 reps then a 3 minute (!) hold as low as you can go. Or, try a squat Tabata, then your 3 minute hold. If 3 minutes is two and a half too many, try building up from 30 seconds, then add on in 30 second increments over time as you practise. Try to keep your feet parallel and shoulder width.

Deep Squat. Keep your feet parallel and shoulder width if you can!

3. Sit to Stand

Take your shoes off, cross one foot in front of the other, lower yourself to the floor....and then get back up again. Repeat. Aim to do this without using your hands, wobbling to one side as you get up, or losing your balance. Start with 10 points, knock a point off each time you use a hand or fall over. Let me know your score (not that I'm competitive or anything).

Sit to Stand (no hands!). Knock a point off each time you use a hand, wobble or fall over.

4. 90/90 Sit to Get Up

Old faithful for getting your hips mobile, and for getting up off the floor - spotting a pattern 🤔?

90/90 Hip release with a kneeling get up.

5. Jumps, Ninja Jumps

We didn't cover these in classes, partly because I can't demonstrate them without windmilling my arms around, and partly because we didn't have time. Give them a go if your knees will let you. If not, try the kneeling get up from No. 4 with a weight.

Ninja Jumps. Or, try a kneeling get up.

6. Legs Up the Wall Stretch

Stay here for as long as you like. Try a wider leg position for an inner thigh stretch. Quite comfy for reading a book and getting a stretch in. Can be done in pyjamas.

Relax with legs up the wall.

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